7 Things I learned from Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime”

Admittedly, before I had read this book I had little information on what apartheid was. It was a time of institutional racial segregation that lasted until 1994, prior to philanthropist Nelson Mandela’s elect and that’s all I really knew. It always boggled me that the Canadian curriculum called for ancient world history but rarely discussed racial, cultural, and religious segregation during the 20th century. Sensitive topics such as conflicts between Tibet and China, Israel and Palestine, India and Pakistan, and slavery in America went unheard of. …

Only the highly competitive make it to the finish line

It is true that introverts can have power in a world filled with loud people. However, undeniable is the access that extroverts have to success. As extrovert networking becomes easier, it's easier to appear charismatic, and more natural to outwardly showcase your talents.

Nonetheless, this way of thinking is outdated. Today’s introverts can network online, build online platforms to showcase their skills and develop prototypes with comfort and self-constructed boundaries. In the old fashioned days, introverts may have been mistaken as passive since hearing their thoughts and ideas may have been a rarity. Nowadays, passivity has a whole new meaning.


Contrary to popular belief, beauty is not a talent

Dear Pretty People,

You are a product of categorical thinking and spectrum, in other words, human nature. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder was the entirety of society?

Fine lines coated with capitalism, a smile rooted in colonialism, you bear the mark of supremacy and unknowingly embrace your imperialistic traits. Centuries wasted designing tools for idealism and oppression. So, what remains in the sights of your beholder? Pure Privilege.

You radiate kindness, health, intelligence, trustworthiness, and reliability despite not having to show proof of possessing any of those traits, why is…

Education proceeds advocacy and allyship

On March 16th, 2021 the news was rampant with headlines that read “A white gunman was taken into custody after killing eight people at three Atlanta-area massage parlors, most of them women of Asian descent.” The articles read “Robert Aaron Long, 21, told police that the attack was not racially motivated and claimed to have a “sex addiction,” with authorities presenting that he had a bad day and lashed out at what he saw as sources of temptation”.

To most these headlines just read as bad news but, what they fail to recognize is that we live in a system…

Mental health struggles can take different forms in a single being

When looking at previous generations, or even two decades ago, it would have been surprising to hear that someone was depressed. Nowadays, it's surprising when someone is not.

The rates of suicide in America have increased by 26% between 2000 and 2016 alone. With increasing data on mental illness and progressive use of commercial medication, society has felt immense pressure and underlying hopelessness when handling such issues.

Mental illness is often difficult to diagnose, for symptoms are sometimes subtle and human beings are complex. …

Genetically modified organisms are our only chance at sustainable nutrition

When you think of the word organic what exactly comes to mind? Authentic? natural? and fresh? Organic food refers to the way that food is prepared. A vast majority of North Americans believe that organic food means healthier food. Organic simply means food that doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It includes food without chemical additives, meat without antibiotics, and hormones and agriculture that was cultivated without synthetic pesticides and herbicides. The alternative to organic farming would be conventional farming that harbors some of these techniques for food security.

Why the Organic Diet is Preferred?

From a scientific perspective, the…

The user-friendly solution guide on how to confidently pass your social interactions

Insecurities are rooted in fear, mainly the fear of how others may perceive you. We live in a society that puts our worth in our performance, accomplishments, possessions, and appearance. The media often romanticizes those who are insecure but coming from an experienced insecure person you can trust me when I say,

“There isn’t anything cute about an insecure person,”

When someone lives life with distaste towards themselves, it not only ruins their standard of life but also their interpersonal relationships and the potential for future accomplishments. …

Big tech and high growth stocks are falling but, financials are promising

This past week has been a bear market not just for EV stocks but many others. Tesla, Nio, Workhorse, Plug Power, and other EV stocks are down over 33%. A 500 billion dollar market destroyed in just a few days. Many are surprised to see the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, tech-heavy indices, falling the most since they have in October! Leaving us wondering why?

  1. The chip shortage

The global shortage in semi-conductor chips has finally caught up to the EV market. Traditional automakers like Ford and General Motors have already been affected and have had to close down entire…

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