A poem

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The world, it measures us by the things that we possess
They say we mustn’t regress
Should not dare live beyond
To these materialistic chains we lie bound.

My natural reaction is that we’re scared,
If only they knew how much we truly cared.
The forbidden fruit is the reason we bare this shame
The weakness they use to keep us tame.

Look the par and stay in your mold
Left standing those who are truly bold.
Creativity made valuable if only it can produce
Cracks in the peace for this is their idea of a truce.

Civilization without organization…

Trending Firm Analytics

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

You may be surprised to find that GameStop, BlackBerry, AMC or Nokia are not on this list…

More and more individuals are starting to realize the values of investing into the greatest wealth creator. The era of the internet puts a multitude of resources at our fingertips with stock market training courses, online guru’s and e-books all available with just a click of a button! More prominent is the desire of the new generation to create generational wealth, retire early and grow their assets while minimizing their liabilities. Some may say the stock market is risky but, if you do…

Epidemiological breakdown of past and present viral outbreaks

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Photo by CDC on Unsplash

It is no surprise that the handling of the coronavirus pandemic in most countries has been very poor. Many countries were not prepared for a pandemic and did not have adequate supplies on hand nor did they take adequate restrictive and testing measures early on. Many countries also failed to perform necessary contact tracing and border control. Although the World Health Organization did issue a public health emergency of international concern early on, it was the way they classified the emergency and the lack of persuasion to independent countries that failed their pandemic response.

The WHO didn’t declare a pandemic…

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When we think of social media platforms it’s rare that Linkedin comes to mind. Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter, may garner some popular votes first. Although, there is a stark difference between the way that millennials use these apps vs how Gen Z uses them! According to Generational Breakdown, millennials are the generation of people born between 1977 and 1995 which means some millennials are now 43 years old! For the sake of the title, I won’t buffer in the extra few years but, once you read on you may realize that this is applicable to some of…

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The obsession of people pleasing stems from a single feeling: Inadequacy. Feelings of inadequacy often lead to the assumption that other people’s default reaction to you is rejection. The simple yet not so simple solution to this issue would be to go above and beyond to try and please such people. For a people pleaser, the natural requirement for love, acceptance and fulfilment is compromised often times due to being exposed to an unhealthy amount of rejection and exclusion earlier on in life.

My family moved around a lot when I was between the ages of 1 and 6 which…

A History of Sex Chromosome Evolution

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Those of you who have taken an introductory biology course are aware of the stark differences between the Homosapien X and Y chromosomes. For one, the Y chromosome is one-third of the size of the X chromosome carrying a mere 78 genes on it while the X chromosome has over 900 genes on it. Notably, the Y chromosome has the male determining, SRY gene on it which allows for external and internal male genitalia to form. …

A Deep Scientific Dive into Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Have you ever felt inexplicably low? Like all of a sudden the sun sets earlier, the temperature drops a couple of degrees and your internal battery drains a little bit quicker? It becomes more difficult to get out of bed in the morning and you appreciate the simple pleasures in life a little less? Some may call it the winter blues but to you its a lot more than that.

These symptoms of clinical depression associated with the typical seasonal changes from summer to late fall is referred to as seasonal affective disorder or more often called SAD. SAD is…

Kajeetha Sarvananthan

Amateur hour | Mainstream but make it biology and socialpsych centric ✨ BSc in Molecular Genetics 🧬 Dreamer 💭 Poetry 🖋Proud Tamil Canadian 🐯🇨🇦

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