7 Things I learned from Trevor Noah’s “Born a Crime”

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Admittedly, before I had read this book I had little information on what apartheid was. It was a time of institutional racial segregation that lasted until 1994, prior to philanthropist Nelson Mandela’s elect and that’s all I really knew. It always boggled me that the Canadian curriculum called for ancient…

Only the highly competitive make it to the finish line

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It is true that introverts can have power in a world filled with loud people. However, undeniable is the access that extroverts have to success. As extrovert networking becomes easier, it's easier to appear charismatic, and more natural to outwardly showcase your talents.

Nonetheless, this way of thinking is outdated…

Genetically modified organisms are our only chance at sustainable nutrition

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When you think of the word organic what exactly comes to mind? Authentic? natural? and fresh? Organic food refers to the way that food is prepared. A vast majority of North Americans believe that organic food means healthier food. Organic simply means food that doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs)…

Jheets Jots

Novice Writer| Tech, Biology, and Social Psych| BSc in Molecular Genetics 🔬 Dreamer 💭 Poet 🖋Tamil Canadian| Creator of https://medium.com/the-mole-biologists

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