Kindred Souls

Jheets Jots
Sep 6, 2022


Photo by The HK Photo Company on Unsplash

According to Briggs,
He was a thinker and she a feeler.
A tale of two,
One the listener the other the healer.

His mother was overbearing,
Her father rarely caring.
Both awe-inspiring,
Equally misunderstood.

It makes the heart grow fonder,
Til egos want an encore,
and insecurities conquer.

To her power was a tool,
To him a necessity.
The world was cruel,
When it had rule.

He teaches her how to be patient,
To think without limitation.
She teaches him expression,
To ease obsession.

He tries to give her everything he can,
As she plans the timespan.
They reminisce on where they began,
And dream of Japan.

Sunflower fields and waterfalls,
They bring down each other’s walls.
Ice cream dates and sitcom lates,
They call each other fate.



Jheets Jots

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